Author, Caroline Jhingory Lost 150 Pounds Naturally!

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Caroline Jhingory, Author of  Half My Size: How I Ate to Loose 150 lbs!, decided 10 years ago to loose 150 pounds off her 5’2″, 300 pound body.  Today she is 150 pounds lighter and has maintained her weight loss.  Even more, she did it naturally without dieting or  gastric bypass surgery.  Caroline says her faith, determination, patience and  her treadmill are what made her journey a success. She also said, “My weight loss is the result of eating right and exercising; nothing more nothing less.”

She said she made the decision to lose weight, because she believed that being obese caused her to miss out on enjoying simple things in life.  For example,  she had not worn a bathing suit since she was nine- years- old,  she never rode a roller coaster, because the safety bar would not fit over her stomach, and she did not have her first boyfriend until graduate school.

As with most weight loss programs exercise is a main ingredient.  However, she channeled in on edible ingredients in how she ate.  She altered her relationship with food and eating. Caroline was not on any diet she became mindful of what she ate , stayed disciplined and significantly cut down on carbohydrates, sugar, dairy products and caffeine.

Caroline stated that she believes the key to her success is from learning to replace an unhealthy addiction (mindless eating while sitting in front of the TV)  with a healthy addiction of working out at the gym everyday.  Caroline’s advice to others is, “I eat everyday, so I workout everyday,” .

She is now paying forward her blessings of mindful eating and making healthy life style choices.  For more information, comprehensive support, unique fitness tips and motivation to conquer obesity go to her website:



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