Dhahabu Reginald Bellard, CMT

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Dhahabu’s philosophy on health care and wellbeing has always been prevention, his motto; It’s Easier to Stay Healthy Then to Get Health”.  If we identify and manage our stress (dysfunction) before it becomes a disease we will live, happier, healthier, and longer lives.

Your body is your temple, which allows you to create miracles on earth. One can serve their true purpose and create the greatest for human kind when the mind, body, and spirit are aligned and balanced.

Reginald Bellard, known to his clients as (“Dha-ha-bu”), which means gold in Swahili; Dhahabu has the golden touch as a professional massage therapist.  Certified 2001 and formally trained, he received his Massage Therapy Certification from The Institute of Psycho-structural; balancing the principle foundation and philosophy that are based on eastern holistic concepts of treating the entire being (mind, body, and spirit). Dhahabu is an avid reader and dedicated to furthering his education as a life long study of the whole being approach through manual medicine (Massage Touch Therapy). He has always been a teacher, by nature; before formally becoming a Massage Therapy Instructor, he took an active role as an intermittent light, leading by example, incorporating good health and wellness into his life. Dhahabu believes in sharing Information with his clients to advance their holistic health and total wellbeing. Since the beginning of time skilled nurturing touch has allowed people to find the innate power to transform their lives, through the body’s natural restorative healing mechanism experienced through Massage Touch Therapy & Holistic Wellness.

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