Dr. Eve Allen

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Dr. Eve Allen aka Doctor Eve, has a passion for helping others regain and maintain wellness through a balanced, holistic approach to health care. Returning to health means treating the body as a whole – physically, emotionally, and spiritually – rather than simply treating a disease.

“At Circle Of Health, we utilize the wisdom of ancient healing arts in the treatment of modern-day illnesses. By combining the philosophies of the past with today’s leading-edge technologies we are able to provide optimum support to the body’s natural healing process,” Doctor Eve explains.

In today’s world, people are participating in their own journey to wellness.” Circle Of Health provides a place where health seekers play an active role in healing themselves, assuming responsibility for their own well-being, and awakening to an alternative and complementary approach to health care.

Dr. Allen enjoys working closely with colleagues in both conventional and alternative medicine, to help her clients select the most effective approach for their individual situation. Dr. Allen treats people of all ages and has special expertise in the spectrum of emotional issues, weight loss and immune system enhancement. Dr. Allen has over 22 years of Pharmaceutical background working for some of the largest corporations in the country.

Dr. Eve Allen, Ph.D. NDc.
Doctor of Alternative Healing Practices
Master Hypnotherapist
N.D.c Naturopathic Doctor candidate
Holistic Health Practitioner
Nutritional Medicine
Reiki Master

Website: doctoreve.com


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