Shiela Starks

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SHELIA STARKS, is an experienced nonprofit executive, entrepreneur, consultant, and philanthropist committed to supporting children, their schools, and their communities and raising awareness for critical social issues.  She founded the Stephanie Starks HOPE Foundation, in memory of her older sister. Stephanie Starks in 2003, who died from misdiagnose of meningitis.          


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  1. I heard this interview really happy to see a young positive woman helping the community in a day in age were we see so mean negative images of African American women in media! Bravo to KJLH for printing this wonderful foundation. Would like to see and hear more from Ms Starks hopefully the station will promote her and the foundation more!

  2. Wow! I heard the interview and was just elated! It was such a powerful message speaking on the importance of literacy. To have a young African-American woman stand for such a much needed initiative sends out the message loud and clear that your dreams are possible. You can control your destiny. The power of reading speaks volumes. Thank you Shiela for having a compassion to make a change in a child’s life, in our communities, and in others. Great Job!!! I applaud you.