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For over 30 years,  Zoran Basich has guided the elderly and families  through complex Government Regulations.  He continues to help Middle  Class Families protect and preserve their hard-earned assets while  obtaining Government Benefits to pay for Skilled Nursing Home Care.

As CEO and founder of the Glendale-based company, Nursing Home  Solutions. Zoran is currently considered one of the nation’s pre-eminent  experts in Long-Term Care.

Zoran first began his law career as Executive Director and founding  member of Grey Law in the 1970’s, where he provided legal services to  senior citizens and the disabled throughout Los Angeles and Ventura  Counties.  Zoran  served as VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America)  Project Supervisor, responsible for instituting a Los Angeles County  program to develop the rights of the elderly.

Zoran has been interviewed,  for his expertise,  on numerous media  outlets, including KNX’S “Money 101” and “The Business Hour.” KCAL-TV’s  Alan Mendelson has interviewed him on the subject of Long-Term Care and  Zoran has commented frequently for online, regional publications and for  the Los Angeles Times.

He has hosted KMPC’s Legal Advisor, as well as Power of Attorney, a live program that addressed legal issues and concerns.

For almost a decade, Zoran served as a member of the California State  Bar Committee on the Poor and the California State Bar Ad Hoc Committee  on Legal Problems of the Aging.

In conjunction with several major California banks, Zoran was  instrumental in developing and implementing Statewide Seminars on Estate  Planning, Planned Giving, Wills, and Trusts.

He has served as General Counsel, Los Angeles County USC’s (LAC-USC)  House Officers Association where he was instrumental in assisting  physicians’ interests in healthcare and safety. LAC-USC’s medical center  is one of the largest county hospital in the nation.

Plaques and proclamations from  – luminaries like Mayor Tom Bradley,  Senator Edward Kennedy, and Senator Alan Cranston laud Basich’s years of  public service.

Website: www.nhscare.com


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  1. Great information, I will be contacting him about few of those programs