Ronnie Ruiz & Dr. Noelle Reed

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RONNIE RUIZ (center), has been a nutritional researcher for over 27 years, Ronnie is also a decorated US Marine, and was a competitive power lifter and body builder. Ronnie also holds a coveted General Contractors license and operated Top Choice Remodeling & Repair for many years. Ronnie threw himself into full time testing, study and research to become an ionized water expert. He wanted to bring alkaline ionized water filters to the American people (especially Cancer patients) who had no idea that the Koreans and the Japanese had been using alkaline water ionizer’s as medical devices for over thirty years. Phone# 949-215-3205


DR. NOELLE REID (left), is a Board Certified Family Medicine Physician, who completed her residency at Harbor UCLA Medical Center and medical school training at the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine. She is currently on staff at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center. Dr. Reid was a trained dancer prior to medical school and knows firsthand the importance of healing through a wholistic approach by focusing on all elements of the individual body, mind, and spirit – for one inevitably affects the other.                      


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