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Najee Ali is an award-winning nationally celebrated civil rights activist and community organizer who is the Founder and Executive Director of Project Islamic H.O.P.E. (Helping Oppressed People Everywhere), which puts faith into action to serve all of humanity.

Ali’s career began in the 1988 as a volunteer for presidential candidate Reverend Jesse Jackson, which was the doorway for his involvement into political and social activism. He has worked for or with nationally celebrated figures that include President Barack Obama, Rev Al Sharpton, Martin Luther King III, Dick Gregory, John Hope Bryant, Michael Jackson, Congressmember Karen Bass and Imam W.D. Mohammed.

A native of Gary, Indiana, Najee migrated to South Central Los Angeles where later his fearless activism helped spearhead Sherrice’s Law – the first law named after a slain African-American child in the United States. From leading the charge for police reform to negotiating gang truces, Ali continues to evolve as the people’s champion and confronts injustice wherever it may be.

When one raises their voice on behalf of the voiceless, the discarded, abused, and oppressed, they may indeed catch “hell” from those in power who would cruelly prefer them to remain mute, unheard, and battered.

In a story entailing his own abuse suffered in childhood and adolescence, to gang life in South Central LA., his experience through the LA civil unrest from the Rodney King verdict, his incarceration – to his life-changing acceptance of Islam, Najee Ali’s story is one of redemption: whose past shaped him for the journey of representing the underdog.

His book “Raising Hell” entails 18 behind-the-scenes accounts of his activist involvement, such as the Presidential campaign run of Reverend Jesse Jackson in 1988, and a glimpse of then unknown Barack Obama during his Senate and Presidential campaigns, protests against gangsta Rap music’s destructive messages, and the fight against police brutality and racial profiling in Southern California.


For media interviews with Najee Ali please contact: (323 ) 275 8219


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