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Brenda “Darcel” Lee, is the Executive Director of the California Black Health Network and an Inglewood native. Formerly the Associate Director for Emergency Management and Planning at the California Primary Care Association, Darcel brings over 30 years of healthcare policy, legislative, and leadership experience to CBHN.  Darcel began her healthcare career with Hospital Affiliates International (HAI) in Nashville, TN.  She lives in Glen Cove, California with her husband, Yusuf Jamal Lee, also a healthcare professional managing primary care clinics for the San Francisco Veterans Medical Center.

The California Black Health Network (CBHN) is a statewide not-for-profit established in 1978. The mission of CBHN is to improve the health status of people of African descent in California and to eliminate health disparities through legislative, administrative, and media advocacy. California Black Health Network is headquartered in Sacramento, California. Through the Colors of Commitment Building Healthy Communities Initiative, CBHN seeks to realize its vision of seeing healthy families in healthy communities throughout California. To learn more about CBHN, our programs, policy agenda, and initiatives, visit the CBHN homepage at

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