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ERICH NALL (COACH “E”) (FAR RIGHT), Personal Trainer, Owner & Founder of Ultimate Transformation in Los Angeles and Author “21 Days to Ultimate Health and Wellness”.

TAHIRAH NALL (2ND RIGHT), Coach “E’s” daughter. She’s been in the Ultimate Transformations Program her entire life. She trains and runs track now, and even though she’s not going to run track in college, she will be going to Howard University next year to study political science and english.

RAVEN MILLER (CNTR RIGHT), She is a student at St. Mary’s Academy and in her senior year there. She met Coach E through her father who had heard about Coach E on the Front Page. She’s currently involved in the Ultimate Transformation Program and is very encouraged and inspired by the program to pursue her future goalsand aspirations.

MORGAN THOMAS (2ND LEFT), She attends St. John’s University in Queens New York. She got on the Women’s Volleyball Team there last year. She was introduced to Coach e through her older brother, Justin Thomas, who used to train with Coach E during the time he played basketball. She’s currently in the Ultimate Transformation Program and very happy with the results she’s getting.

COURTNEY MORNING (FAR LEFT), She’s a student at El Camino College. She is a student athlete on the track team for the 400 and 800 meeters. She’s been running for almost 5 years and she loves it. She met Coach E through her grandfather, Frank Davie, and started training with him soon as they met. She loves the results she’s getting in the Ultimate Transformation Program and about Coach E, she says: “He’s great”!



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