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LYNN JACKSON, Great, Great, Grand Daughter of Dred & Harriett Scott, President and Founder of “The Dred Scott Heritage Foundation”. She formerly was a major manager at the Brian Cave Law Firm. She has a B.S. degree in Business Administration and Marketing from Southern Illinois University  Edwardsville (S.I.U.E.), and she currently teaches “Biblical Apologetics”.

*Transformation Agenda (Reversing Legacy of Slavery)

*March of 1867 Petition was Filed

*2007 was the 150th Anniversary of “The Dred Scott Decision”

Book: “Dred and Harriett Scott: Their Family Story” There’s also a Coloring Book .

For donations, support and more info contact, call or visit the website.


The Dred Scott Heritage Foundation

P.O. Box 2009 St. Louis,  MO 63032-2009


Phone: (910) 964-8790


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