Chris and Jonathan “JB” Baxter

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30-year LAPD veteran, Officer Baxter was met with this heartbreak. November 5, 2017, early morning, Officer Baxter was on his way home from working graveyard shift at Pacific Division. He received a telephone call no one should ever have to receive. Both his adult children were involved in a horrific car accident and they did not survive. His children were driving home from basketball practice when they were suddenly T-boned at the Intersection of Avalon Boulevard and Del Amo Boulevard in the City of Carson.

According to reports, one of Baxter’s children passed away at scene. Both of Baxter’s children were inseparable and practiced day and night, working tirelessly to become professional basketball players. According to Baxter, one of his Sons was preparing to play professional Basketball. Unfortunately, his son’s dream was cut short.  Badge of Heart founded by a LAPD Officer is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping families in need and Victims of crime. Badge of Heart is raising money to help with the Baxter’s funeral costs.


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