Iddris Sandu

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Cultivation of one’s gift is paramount to the foundation of success. And if ever there were an example of the power of nurturing a child’s talents, Iddris Sandu is it. From learning Java at the age of 10 to developing his first app based on the original Apple iPhone 2008, the young award-winning innovator is truly an outlier. As he continues his rise in the tech world, Iddris works with various companies, artists and professionals. With a work approach that implements “future proof- like” qualities in his projects, which include The Wireless Charging Table, Lifestyle One Wearable, Project ACDI Uber, Kera- Artificial Intelligence Operating System, Iris Scan Technology, and CSlate, he truly is a post-modernist.  Iddris’ latest major accomplishment has been in collaboration with LA’s native hip hop star Nipsey Hussle in the  grand re-opening of the Marathon Clothing store, where the community was introduced to the world’s first smart store.  This groundbreaking technology gives the consumer a multimedia experience by scanning all tangible items within the store granting them access to all exclusive items and music from the “All Money In” team.


Twitter: @iddris_sandu

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  1. Great show , it made me do follow up to see what this young man is doing .
    I have been going to Ghana for the last 3 years and love my family there .
    I am planning to live there .
    Peace ,

  2. A very informative show for parent and students.

    My son is a Coder with mostly self taught skills. There are coding schools on West Jefferson Blvd,

    I loved the African tour. I went alone many years ago when I was a student at UCLA
    conducting research on W.E.B. Du Bois and Marcus Garvey.

    Keep up the good work