Ayuko Babu and Rigoberto Lopez Prego

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Ayuko Babu:

Last September Ayuko Babu was at the annual Congressional Black Caucus Legislative Conference sitting in the audience of a panel discussion about African films.

He unquestionably has such an astute resume that would have qualified him to lead the panel, but on this day Babu was just listening and taking notes and in the room of just roughly a dozen was one of the crowd.

As renowned and revered as Ayuko Babu is, perhaps his greatest human quality is that of humility which is why the 20th annual Pan African Film Festival has earned a reputation of being among the best in the world.

Rigoberto Lopez Prego:

Born on July 6th, 1947  the graduate from The University of Havana, Political Science major Rigoberto Lopez Prego, attended the Cuban Film Institute of Icaic which is the Cuba Institute of Art & Cinema i in1967. Prego became the director of Cuban TV in 1968. He filmed the first invasion about Cuban and Hispanic world, he has filmed 35 films to date. Prego was a war correspondent in the war against the South African Army. The most important awards he has received are the “New Latina American Film Festival, Coral Prize” and best film from “Pan African & Cannes”.

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