Even Adele thinks Beyoncé was robbed at the Grammys

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If you were hoping to see a serious political statement at Sunday night’s Grammy Awards, you had to wait a long time. Literally hours.

You had to wait through Adele’s show-staring performance of “Hello,” a predictably excellent execution of a song that the Grammy voters love more than all the other songs from last year, it turns out. You had to wait through James Corden’s opening monologue, a deeply unfunny bit that started with a fake technical failure and ended with Corden wearing only one shoe, not really rapping so much as awkwardly spoken-word-poetry-slamming a mess of sentiment that ends with the radical notion that “we can survive by sticking together.” You had to wait through Jennifer Lopez, miraculously not dead from second-hand embarrassment, giving out the award for Best New Artist to Chance the Rapper, joy incarnate. Read More…

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