Trey Haley, Nnegest Lkke and Ayuko Babu

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Trey Haley and Nnegest Lkke

Trey Haley is  President and Partner of Tri Destined Studios, he is responsible for overseeing the implementation all of Tri Destined Studios productions and events, including their in-house production service division Tri Destined VIP. Mr. Haley’s responsibilities also include creating diverse venture partnerships.

Nnegest Likke, the writer and director of the movie Phat Girlz, talks with Ed Gordon about the film’s bittersweet box office numbers — it cost $3 million to produce, and it’s earned close to $6.5 million

Ayuku. Babu is an international legal, cultural and political consultant specializing in African affairs. In addition to the Pan African Film Festival, Mr. Babu currently serves as a Director on the Board of the Palais de la Culture in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Notably, he has worked as a consultant to Bishop H.H. Brookins, of the African Methodist Episcopal Church and Mr. Dick Griffey, President of the African Development Public Investment Corporation and SOLAR Records.


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