Everybody’s Talkin’ Sh** About 2016 – Are They Forgetting About These Things?

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by Dominique DiPrima


True Donald J. Trump was elected President in 2016…And Muhammad Ali, Prince, Bowie, my dear friends Tom Hayden and Ricky Harris along with a plethora of others, made their transitions…


But All Hail 2016!!!!! It was the year that:


  • I went to Africa for the first time…Ghana, Motherland!


  • This was the year that #BirthofaNation #Underground #Empire #Scandal #HTGAWM #GameofThrones #HouseofCards #The100 #RealTimewithBillMaher #RachelMaddow #TheDailyShow #SNL #DowntonAbbey was a thing…


  • Standing Rock protesters pushed the Corps of Engineers into refusing to approve the DAPL!!!!!!!!!!


  • President Barack Obama moved to preserve 1.65 million acres of land in Utah and Nevada.


  • The Campaign to Raise the Wage Kicked Butt!!!


  • Students mobilized on campuses nationwide…


  • Black Lives Matter was a major thing


  • I got to Feel the Bern!!!


  • The Green Party existed


  • First Lady Michelle Obama was spectacular 24/7


  • This is the farthest a woman has ever gone in a U.S. presidential election.


  • Journalists worldwide called Donald Trump out on his lies everyday!


  • Self-driving cars?


  • The apps, all the wonderful apps – too many to mention. 2016 had some amazing killer apps man!


  • My Mom, my family…your family…All of the love!!!


  • One Love


  • Unconditional Love


  • Love Against the Odds


  • Love Trumps Hate


  • Stevie Wonder’s House Full of Toys 20th Anniversary with Lionel Ritchie, Queen Latifah & John Legend!!!!!


  • Radio Free 102.3 KJLH rising – And our awesome app being awesome (I told you 2016 had good apps)


  • Front Page Family – the participants in my daily radio show woke up together every weekday 4:30-6AM on 102.3 KJLH-FM Los Angeles


  • GOD!!!!! Did I mention GOD is/was good every day? I give thanks!! Prayer works and now is the time to stay prayed up, meditated up & breathe. This is the time to call in the light to cast out the Trump Effect. Right now, like Stevie says “Love’s in Need of Love Today…” And since God is good all the time, God was good throughout 2016. Maybe we should ask the almighty to show us the lessons and the blessings of 2016



With all that said however…I’m ready to keep it moving. Give thanks and keep it moving! I’m ready to give 2017 a big hug!!!!

Happy New Year Loved Ones!!


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  1. Yes Dominique the glass is truly 1/2 full .
    Thank you

  2. REGULATE! The Woman! It is written! You are in here!

  3. Dominique, you always see things from a positive standpoint. You give me reason to take 2017 by the horns. Right on, sweet sister

  4. You did accomplish a lot Dominique. I heard you broadcasting from Africa. We have some difficult days ahead, but we are going to make it. Trust and believe that!!!

  5. 2017 The Year of manifesting prosperity on every level!!!

  6. Welcome back, Dominique! You’re right on! We can not afford to dwell on the negative because that’s what will be attracted to us. With the Chump taking control of the country, we need all the positive energy and strength that we can muster, individually and collectively…Strengthen our spirits with prayer, meditation and breathing exercises; strengthen our bodies with proper nutrition and fitness; strengthen our collective by quietly uniting, questioning, discerning, planning and activating in a unified and timely manner…and keep moving…