Relying on Polls? It’s time for an Upgrade!!

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The 2016 presidential race may seem like it’s been dragging on forever…But the official election season kicks off Monday with the Iowa Caucuses. Iowa is the first primary election of our 50 states. And it is the first chance for citizens to pick their nominee to represent their party as candidate in the general election. The news is focused daily on the latest poll numbers and who seems to be ahead. And a win in Iowa will surely bring momentum and publicity to the victors. But do poll numbers really matter? Do they predict victory or wield unfair influence over voters? Are they able to paint an accurate picture when pollsters rely solely on landline telephones and can’t reach the growing number of Americans that use cell phones only? Are these surveys keeping the pulse of the latest trends? Or are they an outdated system that is unable to measure the so-called “unlikely voters” who tend to support outsider candidates like Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders (and at one time President Barack Obama?)


It’s time to take our eyes off the polls and focus them on the issues! It’s time for us to look at track records, proposals and plans for the future. Regardless of who wins in Iowa, New Hampshire and beyond, or even who is endorsed by our party of choice, we have to look at what is in our best interests and individuals and communities. Judging which candidates are viable by today’s polls is like using your flip phone to get GPS directions to where you are going.

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